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Southgate Farm

10 acres

Property Owner:

Farmer or farm family

Contact Name:

Rachel Bellis

Property Location:

6521 Mount Pleasant St NW, North Canton, OH 44720

The Land

Total number of acres available with this property:


Total acres available for agriculture:


Acres of forested land:


Acres of cropland or tillable land:


Acres of pasture:


Other open and/or non-farmable land:

(Our lease area is a total around 20 acres, but I figure that we have about 10 acres available that are not already being used for our vegetable gardens or sheep grazing.)

Quality of land:

This property has not had any chemicals applied in many years. We moved here in 2020, and it was fallow for the decade before that. The soil is very sandy, so it does not have the greatest fertility, but it does have excellent drainage. We have about an acre in cultivated land used for organically-grown vegetables. The rest (~19 acres) is grass with some bramble areas and a few small trees interspersed. It has some very gently rolling hills. We graze some of this area with sheep periodically.

Farm Information

  • Water Access
  • Barn(s) and/or Shed(s)
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Shop
  • Storage
  • Fencing

Water sources details:

We have two 4-season hydrants connected to wells. We do not have water trenched to the far flung parts of the pasture, but we do have a drip irrigation system in place in and around the gardens and high tunnels.

Farmer housing details:

A partner farmer could bring their own mobile housing if they wished. We do not currently have somewhere set-up for them to live on property.

Equipment and machinery details:

We have a MF tractor from the 60s and several implements for it, along with a walk-behind tractor. We have extra mobile electric net fencing, a hog feeder, and various garden tools and other things that might be available for rent or use.

Farm infrastructure details:

We have a bank barn and two smaller equipment/storage barns. The upstairs of the bank barn has a seasonal farm shop where we sell our products and other area farms'. We have an NRCS high tunnel, another outbuilding retrofitted for washing/packing produce, and a seed starting grow lights area. 3 acres of pasture have permanent perimeter fencing.

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement:

Property for rent

Business partnership


Property for rent:

We are in our own long-term lease on this property. We do not personally have enough time and energy to use all of our acreage. We are interested in connecting with other farmers who might be interested shorter-term lease with part of the property. We are also interested in partnerships within our existing vegetables enterprise. We would love to help another young farmer gain experience in some kind of incubator agreement, or as a CSA manager. Possibilities are endless. The right person might be interested in a combined approach, subletting an area for a complementary enterprise while working within our existing enterprises. If you have your own idea for a unique partnership, let's talk!

Additional Information

This property is owned by the local municipality and will never be available for sale. It is located within a public park and on the National Registry of Historic Places. As part of our long-term lease, we need to be engaged with sustainable agriculture in some fashion. Being in a partnership with a municipality has its own set of unique benefits and drawbacks. For example, there is someone to call when the well pump breaks, and they helped us get grant funding to build an outdoor-accessible bathroom that can be used during events on the farm. But we are also in the public eye and cannot be as "messy" as a privately owned farm. 

I only have time to work part-time on the farm now that we have small children, and my husband has an off-farm job, so we are not using our entire acreage effectively. I used to work on a farm with lots of other salaried farmers, and I miss the collaborative atmosphere. I think we are in a position to host some unique partnerships, whether they be "subleases" for complementary enterprises (i.e. chicken tractors or fresh cut flowers) or partnerships within our existing veggie/sheep enterprises. I would love to hand off part of the CSA to someone who wants to gain experience for example. 

We are in an primarily suburban, well-off area, with an existing customer base and social media platform, so we could easily assist whoever comes in with local distribution channels for their products. 

Find out more about us on Instagram (@southgatefarm), Facebook (@southgatefarmohio) or our website (www.southgatefarm.com).