Restoration Acres

100 acres

Property Owner:

Farmer or farm family

Contact Name:

Marsha Nagy

Property Location:

Rutland Ohio

The Land

Total number of acres available with this property:


Total acres available for agriculture:


Acres of forested land:


Acres of cropland or tillable land:


Acres of pasture:


Other open and/or non-farmable land:

Mostly third growth forest, which has been logged and mined. Sugar bush has been used in last ten years.

Quality of land:

Mostly organic practices the last ten years. Prior to that tobacco farming for a decade or more. About two acres in decently maintained and bearing fruit trees.

Farm Information

Water sources details:

One deep swimming and watering pond. Several shallow watering ponds in critical places added in last five years. A year round creek runs through property as well. Two unused hand dug wells and two cisterns for home and greenhouse use. Green house also has two ICB cubes holding about 650 gal and two more, same capacity for outdoor watering.

Farmer housing details:

Four bedroom farmhouse in excellent condition. Three sided porch, added laundry room and solarium and pump house. Root cellar. Flagstone patio with outdoor shower.

Equipment and machinery details:

Tractor, wood splitter and chipper available. 4x4 negotiable. Old beater farm truck maybe too.

Farm infrastructure details:

Newly roofed, sided and painted turn of the century tobacco barn in excellent shape. Ready for animals, almost, just a bit of tidying needed. Has infinite possiblities. One shed which can also house equipment. Brand new 20X40 grnhouse which was cultivated this spring. Cover crops and daily watering continue to keep soil viable.

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement:

Property for rent


Property for rent:

1-3 yr lease optimum. Variations on that theme I'll happily consider. Property part of amazing "greeny" neighborhood and very close to Athens, OH.

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