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Kretschmann Farm

80 acres

Property Owner:

Farmer or farm family

Contact Name:

Don Kretschmann

Property Location:

Near Zelienople, PA

The Land

Total number of acres available with this property:


Total acres available for agriculture:


Acres of forested land:


Acres of cropland or tillable land:


Acres of pasture:


Other open and/or non-farmable land:


Quality of land:

Typical Western PA farm. Somewhat hilly, of varying soil types and structure. Well maintained and farmed organically for 50 years. Good organic matter. Most formerly cropped land (vegetables) is in alfalfa. 3.5 A mature scab immune apple trees maturing from late July to November. 1/3 trellised with orchard tubing. Orchard produced near 3000 bu. this season!!!

Farm Information

  • Water Access
  • Barn(s) and/or Shed(s)
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Greenhouses
  • Storage
  • Electrical Access

Water sources details:

Well and spring--house and greenhouse/barn. .6A farm pond for irrigation--pumphouse w/electric pump; half mile buried mains.

Farmer housing details:

For immediate timeframe renting 10 min away in nearby small town necessary. Could vacate small rental home for use. Ultimately available--stunningly beautiful modern tile roofed farmhouse with alpine style--up to 5 br.;3 full bath;office;stone firplace; sunroom,...new heat pump. Or elderly owners consider building small nearby home.

Equipment and machinery details:

Full line of vegetable and fruit production equipment. Tractors-2 MF 80 hp primary tillage; 1 Kaboda 35 hp w/bucket; 3- Allis G's (one electric); Ford hi clearance; transplanters; BEAN PICKER; mowers; 3 electric pruners; airblast sprayer; planters, wood splitter, forks...

Farm infrastructure details:

Large bank barn excellent condition--7200 sq ft; Wagon shed--1000sq ft. excellent; supply storage shed 500sq ft.; three walk-in coolers; heated greenhouse-30x96; hi tunnel-25x96; rosemary greenhouse 15x96; 27kW solar array providing 80% of power

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement:



Lifetime inheritable lease. Farm to be conveyed into agrarian community trust for use as active farm.

Additional Information

After growing organic vegetables and fruit for 50 years just 35 mi. from downtown Pittsburgh, we've retired.  We've tried to keep our soil very healthy with long term rotations--never going more than 3-4 years without rotating to soil improving alfalfa.  For at least 20 years we have grown our own nitrogen with legumes.  We've participated in numerous soil health surveys and always come up looking very good.  There are gorgeous mature hardwoods on the property which have been selectively harvested over the years; plus lots of firewood for home and greenhouse.  (this could provide a little income too) Just two years ago we serviced 1300 CSA members all over the metro area.  Since then we've rented small acreage to several younger farmers, but the bulk of the land has been transitioned into alafala so as to be in good condition to begin rotations a permanent farmer is found.  The farm is in just on the suburban edge of Pittsburgh in New Sewickely Township. It's largely still rural and agricultural.  The many farming neighbors include a young part time farmer across the road raising grass fed beef and pastured chickens; share a fenceline with former dairy farmer/ now grain farmer/state senator/chair of ag committee.  We've continued to rent an additional 10 A adjoining as we've done for over a decade because it's adjoining and great farmland accessible from our last irrigation main.  We've made a great living here.  10 minutes away is the still thriving small town of Zelienople, walkable, and now becoming a fine dining hub.  

At ages 74 and 76, we'd like to continue to enjoy living on the farm while it's transitioning to the next generation. But it's available to farm. Contact us and we'll see how we can make it work.  We won't sell, but rather donate it to an agricultural trust to be leased in perpetuity for the production of food. Lots to explain there, but can't do it in a few words. We know this is a new concept, but we want to make the land available to whomever will love it and care for it as we have done.