Farmer Profile for Jill Monroe

Co-Applicant / Partner Name:

Jill Monroe


Please describe your past and/or present farming experience:

I grew up on a small 7 acre farm where we grew and sold Silver Queen. I also had horses during my childhood and my daughter currently is involved in riding and Warren County 4-H. I rented a farm several years ago and was successful in planting/harvesting a combo of 300 lbs. of tomatoes and cucumbers. I know basic food production methods, animal husbandry and can operate a tractor and some implements. I also worked on a Dairy Farm milking, growing fodder and volunteered my time just to learn the business. I have been in a heard share for over 10 years and have taken part in CSA's from time to time. I frequent local farmers markets and buy all my meat, eggs, dairy locally and produce when in season.

Are you currently farming?:


Are you interested in connecting with other farmers to explore collocation or collaborative farm ideas?:



What is the primary agricultural enterprise you are considering?:


What other enterprises are you considering?:

Row Crops

The Land

Total Acres Desired:


Tillable Acres:


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Farm Structures Needed:

Other Housing

Farmhouse Needed:


Equipment Needed:

Whatever would be available or currently being offered by owner. I have basic gardening tools and I prefer grass roots, regenerative and Back to Eden farming methods.

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure Arrangement Considered:

Apprentice with a Farm Owner for a Year or More
Lease with Option to Buy
Long-Term Lease
Owner-Financed Sale
Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assets)

Maximum monthly rent you are willing/able to pay:


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Business Plan/Goals

Do you have a business plan? Please write an informative description of your vision & goals for your farming future.:

I have a notebook full of ideas/sketches that have kept me up at night thinking about them. What my farm would look like, what would I grow, start small and build on that, capital, how could I possible do this in my approaching middle age, would someone even give me a shot? I am really looking at this from a good steward of the earth prospective/approach and want to make as minimal impact on the land as possible will bolstering the natural development and cultivation of food in an organic fashion. I would sell locally to my community through farmers markets, possible restaurants, food truck movement, CSA and possibly offering a delivery option. Utilize social media platforms, local advertising efforts (community functions, chapters events , fairs and farmers markets) and word of mouth to promote the business.