Farmer Profile for Christopher bush


Please describe your past and/or present farming experience:

Started with Oeffa's new farmers program 4 years ago. From there I went on to manage wineries around the area and produced grapes and honey. At the moment I manage 60 hives and over 50 acres of grapes.

Are you currently farming?:


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The Land

Total Acres Desired:


Forested Acres:


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Farm Structures Needed:

Other Housing

Farmhouse Needed:

Doesn't matter

Equipment Needed:

Building to set up a honey house and land to place bees on.

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure Arrangement Considered:

Lease with Option to Buy
Owner-Financed Sale
Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assets)

Maximum sale price you are willing/able to pay:


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Business Plan/Goals

Do you have a business plan? Please write an informative description of your vision & goals for your farming future.:

Hiveworks Honey Company is looking for a new home for their operation. We currently have max out our space (our garage) and are looking to grow. With this comes the ability to have more hives and HELP save the bee. We are in the process of getting grant money for various research programs that have to deal with honey bee health and various pests. We stated out with 2 hives over 4 years ago and now have over 60. With the help of a new space we will be able to expand our apiary and be able to process and handle all the honey. Our goal is to run an operation over 500 hives and to produce honey and pollination to local farms and U picks. Our main focus will be on varitle and honeys not commonly seen on today's shelves.