Farmer Profile for Ashley Edwards

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Andrew Morehart


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We are in our second season of selling free range eggs and our first season of growing cut flowers for market. We looking to increase production and expand our offerings the upcoming year.

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Business Plan/Goals

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We're Andrew and Ashley Edwards/Morehart and we are at the helm of Bel House Farms. We share an intense passion for growing and creating things and are constantly challenging ourselves to find new projects to take on and perfect. 2021 in our first official season of growing cut flowers for market, which is at the core of our business. We pride ourselves on being well-rounded, though, and also offer a variety of baked goods, free-range eggs, gourmet mushrooms and occasionally, produce. Our hope for Bel House is that it grows in a way that reflects our values and beliefs; that we are good stewards of the land and continue to find ways to live in better harmony with it. Our long term goal is to offer an even more diverse group of products. Our dream is to share (yes, literally share) nutritious food and other resources with as many people as we possibly can and to be able to provide solid, high-quality employment. We are challenging ourselves to find creative ways to meet these lofty goals. Our growth strategy for Bel House Farms is slow and steady. We are extremely confident that our plans are prudent and our goals are achievable, however, the biggest goal is to run a financially sound business. At the core of our business plan is expanding our wedding offerings, as I believe this may be the most profitable aspect of it that we have planned. This likely will not be possible on the acreage that we currently possess, but we will be looking for properties in the future to dedicate to this purpose. In the long term, we will dedicate a portion of our farm to growing large quantities of perennial, woody ornamental shrubs and trees (willow, red twig dogwood, etc.). This is a desire that we have for Bel House and we will explore this possibility further when the right property opportunity comes along. Bel House Farms will be a thriving business in a very small town with very few businesses. We want to inspire our neighbors and plan to initiate several community programs, such as weekly flower arranging classes at the local retirement home and a yearly farmer/florist summer scholarship for 6th graders at the local Elementary school. Community involvement is central to our mission.