Pataskala Property

13 acres

Property Owner:

Private non-farming landowner

Contact Name:

Derek Lee

Property Location:

Pataskala Ohio

The Land

Total number of acres available with this property:


Total acres available for agriculture:


Acres of forested land:


Acres of cropland or tillable land:


Acres of pasture:


Quality of land:

The land has been a hay field for 15 + years. In 2018 1.5 acres was tilled for a small vegetable farmer. Soil test and organic amendments were done that year. The land was worked minimally, still using organic practice, in 2019.

Farm Information

Water sources present:


Water sources details:

One hydrant is available.

Barns and sheds:


Farmer housing:

None available

Equipment and machinery:

None available

Equipment and machinery details:

I have access to a small tractor and some implements and am happy to help when I can, but machinery is not included

Farm infrastructure details:

A small storage shed was built with the skeleton for a walk-in cooler using a window ac and coolbot.

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement:

Property for rent

Property for rent:

Short-term lease available although would prefer to find someone looking for a long term place to establish

Additional Information

I have a 5 acre field available for rent. 2 years ago I found a couple of people looking to start an organic farm. They installed a water hydrant, built a small storage shed and opened about 1.5 acres of pasture for vegetables. They also had a small pasture chicken operation. Sadly after a year they moved on, moving to land closer to their homes. I wanted to continue to have the land worked and not just turn it back to a hay field. It was rented to a farmer for 2019 who was going to install high tunnels although not much was done with the property. I would love to find someone Looking to establish a small operation.  I do have an additional 15 acres of hay field I would consider leasing in the future for growth.