Farmer Profile for Timur & Shelby Anderson

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Timur & Shelby Anderson


Please describe your past and/or present farming experience:

Several years of assisting our family in homesteading on 1/3 acre utilizing no-till organic growing practices. Family garden includes ~20 vegetable types and poultry. We plan to utilize our farming and professional skills to expand into a commercial scale specialty crop garden, growing on approximately 1 - 1.5 acres.

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The Land

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Farm Structures Needed:

Other Housing

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Equipment Needed:

Equipment, some structures, forested and pasture acres optional. We are flexible. Equipment: Flail mower, wash area, walk-in cooler, 2 hoop houses, overhead irrigation, row seeders.

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure Arrangement Considered:

Lease with Option to Buy
Owner-Financed Sale
Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assets)

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Business Plan/Goals

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A comprehensive business plan of our vision for Supermoon Market Garden is attached. --Business Description-- Supermoon Market Garden is a family owned business in Northeast, Ohio. Run by Timur & Shelby Anderson. Supermoon's produce will support primarily local Food Hubs, Community Supported Agriculture cooperatives and Farmers Markets. We have chosen to pursue Food Hubs as our primary business model to mitigate risk of a first year farming business, allowing the sales of products on an as-available basis to a source in regular demand with pre-established clientele. Supermoon Market Garden requires 1 acre of tillable land. After the first season of production, the owners plan to assess the quality, availability and demand of their crops and adjust growing practices and sales strategies to build a stronger client base and provide a consistently fresher, healthier more delicious product. Goals --To successfully execute on the year 1 crop plan, growing 20 types of marketable vegetables that can provide 120 weekly, 4 person family shares, for a 20 week season. --Complete Certified Naturally Grown Certification in the first season --To sell 95% of the produce to contracted clients at Food Hubs --To establish a regular clientele group of at least 20 weekly customers at Farmers Markets --To break even by the end of the first year --To pay off year 1 micro-loan of $10K --To double operating loan and farm mortgage payments by year 3 --To begin year 3 with 20%+ up front capital over year 2. --To transition 95% of non-direct sales to direct through on site farm store, restaurant sales, and farmers market sales by end of 3rd season. --Reduce waste by bringing Add Value products into offerings after the 2nd season

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