Farmer Profile for Timothy Schacht


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Row Crops

The Land

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Grain bins would be nice if available.

Tenure Arrangement

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Apprentice with a Farm Owner for a Year or More
Farm Manager
Lease with Option to Buy
Long-Term Lease
Owner-Financed Sale
Short-Term Lease
Standard Sale
Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assets)

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Business Plan/Goals

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We are a first generation farm family. Our farm business is Ohio Till Farmstead LLC. located outside Marysville Ohio. We are in search of farm land to expand our operations. We grow and package our own popcorn and artisan grains to sell locally throughout Ohio. We practice crop rotation, cover cropping, and conservative tillage. We are not currently certified organic but do practice organic crop management such as cultivation to remove weeds and do not apply synthetic pesticides. We have future plans for constructing our own small milling facility to produce flour for the growing artisan baking industry around Ohio. Please visit our website to see a little more about us and our farm. We would be interested in farmland from 10 acres and up depending on distance from our farm. We look forward to working together! Thank you!