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With diversified production and a plan to scale-up slowly, tools and equipment can be sought out gradually based on production needs. We are both comfortable with a variety of hand tools, small tractors, some implements, trellis equipment (big fan of the Gripple line), ladders, fork lifts and mid-size trucks (box truck, dump truck). We would like more experience with 2-wheel tractors and the electrical requirements of irrigation and/or greenhouses.

Tenure Arrangement

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Business Plan/Goals

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I have started a deeper analysis than this basic business plan, but a lot of it is situational based on location and opportunities in the area. Covid-19 has created a market of online buyers who order online and want it delivered to their door. This is beneficial for cooperatives like online ‘farm’ stores. Currently we do not own any land and are actively seeking a 50 acre plus property with a mix of pasture and wood lands. A farm with some existing infrastructure would be preferable with fencing, water sources, a high tunnel or greenhouse and a barn for bad weather cover. I believe in layering income streams and understand that some farming ventures require long term planning and others have short term gains. For instance, I love mycology and have had a long term love affair growing and experimenting with exotic mushrooms like Lions Mane. These short-term high value crops produced in protected areas, would supply a ready revenue source from fresh and dried produce. I also love growing different species of fresh ginger which take 6-9 months to produce and have a variety of excellent market options. I have grown herbs and edible flowers and would like to pursue that as another source of revenue that may take 6-12 months before realizing a steady income that is far more seasonal. In between, I am a huge fan of heritage fruits, vegetables and animals. I love bringing new heritage varieties to new audiences through demonstrations, cooking and educational events at schools and farmers markets. Long term, I would love to cultivate wasabi which can take up to 6 years before they are ready to sell, but what an excellent high value product. I have layered a variety of scenarios into my business plan that can fit livestock, market gardens, pastured poultry and more - I am ultimately flexible in my interests and abilities.